Draft Gala Dinner

Gala dinner

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good evening and welcome to gala dinner “the International confrrence on applied statistic 2013 , department of statistic, faculty of mathematics and natural sciences universitas padjadjaran.

honourable vice rector of universitas padjadjaran, Dr. Med. setiawan
And all distinguis And all invited guests, speakers, and all participants

ladies and gentleman
we are going to have welcoming speech
and for welcoming speech will be delivered by come forward,
Arumba (bamboo strains) originated from West Java. Arumba is a musical instrument made ​​of bamboo material in the play with melodic and rhythmic. At first arumba using pentatonic scales, but in its development diatonic scales can be played by tim kesenian unpad (saat makan)

And for the second speech will be present by vice rector of universitas padjadjaran. To: Dr. med. setiawan . Please come forward

Tari Blantek : a traditional dance from west java, used to expess a happiness.

Angklung: how to play
The Angklung is popular throughout Southeast Asia, it come from west java… Indonesia and has been played by the Sundanese for many centuries.

Dance together, : to all participant please join us to dance some traditional dance.
sing a song
Please welcome, upt kesenian universitas padjadjaran…

Now, delivering souvenirs for second key note speaker and moderator
It Will be given by dean of faculty mathematic and natural sciences universitas Padjadjaran. To. Prof. Budhi Nurani please come to the stage.

lunch break;
ladies n gentlemen its time for dinner, you can enjoy the meal which has been reserved.The commite Will escort you to go to There.


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